Car repairs and services

Car repairs and services to all makes and models of cars in Port Elizabeth.

We are a one stop shop with many years experience in all aspects of vehicle repairs. From routine services to engine overhauls, gearboxes, CV's brakes, clutches, auto electrical, auto aircon regas, and cosmetic body repair. Making cars last longer.
Call us to discuss your car on 041 451 1146

Second hand vehicle sales

One of the greatest things in life is buying your own car. Talk to us about your budget and which car you prefer and we will find you the perfect car.

Park and Sell

Interested in selling your car? Call us on 041 451 1146 to discuss a park and sell arrangement with us. We have a highly visible and secure car sales floor on the busiest junction in Sydenham. Your car will be advertised on 2 sites as well as on our website. If repairs need to be done to your car before or after sale then we can help with these to maximise your selling price.

Cars to love, Cars to enjoy!

Every car a product of care, skill and dedication to enjoyable motoring.

At Blue Bay Auto we have our own workshop. We are not just a used car dealer who buys and sells. Each car we buy is put through our workshop revitalisation program to ensure that each system and part of the car is checked, repaired and refreshed to bring it back to an acceptable standard. Don't be careless about the cars you buy, choose wisely and ensure that your used car dealer is putting in the extra effort to ensure that your next car  is one you will love to own and really enjoy to drive.

  • Great Prices
  • Every car sold with a comprehensive test drive.
Finance  arranged for car buyers
Each car sold is serviced and checked to ensure maximum reliability.

About Blue Bay Auto

We aim to be a Trusted Name in Auto Industry

We exist to become known as the most reputable and highly regarded second hand car sales and repair business in the Port Elizabeth. We aim to sell more than 15 cars a month and service and repair more than 200 cars per month.

  • 1 Years in Business
    We are a young business and have been up and running for 2 years. we are full of energy and drive and determined to shake things up in Port Elizabeth. Our workshop staff have more than 20 years experience and are loving our fresh new approach.

  • Our Values
    As new comers to the industry we have experienced the most brazen attempts to rip us off. Our aim is to espouse the highest standards of ethics in all our business dealing. We also want to communicate daily with each of the owners of the cars in our shop. We also want to do each job properly and completely so that it stays fixed.

  • Affordable Prices
    We are committed to transparency and fairness in our prices. We know the industry in Port Elizabeth inside out and we will use our knowledge to buy parts and supplies at great prices and to offer our customers great prices.

Are You LookingTO BUY A CAR?

Call us at Blue Bay Auto on 041 451 1146 to discuss your requirements.

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Blue Bay Auto operates a park and sell. We have a well positioned yard on a very busy intersection. We have a great security system as well as a full time sales person.

Our on site maintenance team is also able to efficiently complete any repairs that may be needed to get the best price for your car.

We operate on a fixed fee and the agreement is signed for 30 days at a time. Call us on 041 451 1146 to discuss.

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Blue Bay Auto is a Port Elizabeth based Busines. We are both a used car dealership focussing on cheaper cars as well as a fully functional repair facility repairing and servicing all makes and models of cars.

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Need a service

Our mission is to provide the very best vehicle service and repair experience in the world.
Affordable Professional car servicing from R790.00

Secondhand cars Port Elizabeth

our adress:

19 Uitenhage Road, Sydenham, Port Elizabeth, 6001.
041 451 1146