CV Joints and suspension

Thank you for visiting our website. At Blue Bay Auto, our mission is to provide the very best CV-joint and suspension repair experience in Port Elizabeth and to delight each and every customer.
If your CV Joints or suspension need repairs bring your car to us for a free check up. 

With our expert team of experienced mechanics we will quickly assess the problem with your car. This allows us to look at not just the CV-Joint but the whole system that has lead to the failure. This includes your cars control arm’s, shocks, bushes, ball joints and stabilisier links.

When it comes to keeping your wheels safely on the road give us a call.



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Expert repairs to your cars suspension and wheel control assembly

Your cars wheels are connected to your car through your suspension, control arms, CV Joints and axles.

When these become worn your car starts handling badly, your road holding deteriorates and tyre wear accelerates. With the poor condition of many of the roads in South Africa your CV Joints and suspension system takes a hammering daily.

At Blue Bay we are experts at assessing wear on these items. The whole system needs to be checked as each part is interconnected. When you take your car to a “CV Joint Specialist” or shock absorber replacement business they will attend to what they specialize in without really looking at the car as an integrated whole.

When you bring your car to Blue Bay Auto, before we suggest a replacement part, our highly experienced and expert mechanics will diagnose the entire suspension and drivetrain system to highlight what has caused the problem and what needs to be done to fix your car.

What to look out for?

Part of being a skilled driver is to know your car. Here are some important things to look out for

  1. Your steering wheel vibrates while driving.
  2. Your tyres are wearing out faster than they should.
  3. Your tyres wear is uneven, on one side or with small dents.
  4. Your car rolls and feels unsafe when cornering
  5. When taking a tight turn, a clunking sound comes from the front right or left.
  6. You hear some popping or clunking noise when driving over bumps.
  7. Your shocks bottom out while going over relatively small bumps
  8. Your suspension creaks and make noises.
  9. Your wheel alignment keeps going out
  10. Your steering wheel has play on it.

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t delay and give us a call so we can check your car out for you. Call us for a free CV Joint and suspension check.


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