Brake Servicing and Repairs

Brake pad and Disk replacement/skimming

We offer a high quality and well-priced brake service including the replacement of brake pads and disks as well as ABS sensor replacement.

Blue Bay Auto has a fully equipped brake workshop. We keep stock of the most popular pads and disks for speedy service. We specialise in quick and efficient brake pad and disk replacement or skimming. We also use our advanced diagnostic computer scanners as well as our highly experienced mechanics to resolve more complicated braking problems such as with the ABS system. 

If you are concerned about your cars brakes feel free to contact us for a free brake inspection.

At Blue Bay Auto we specialise in quick and efficient brake pad and disk replacement. We also use our advanced diagnostic computer scanning equipment to resolve more complicated braking problems such as on the ABS system.

A cars brakes are its most critical safety system. They must work powerfully and immediately whenever they are needed, when our highly experienced team looks at your brakes they will not only be looking at your brakes but at all the components of your steering and suspension that all play a critical role in bringing your car safely to a stop. Call us and we will inspect and check your brakes for free!

car Brakes 101

Brake servicing and repairs

Many components must work together to keep the car on the road and under control. If any one of the many parts of the system fail the consequences can be dramatic and tragic.

As a car owner the things to look out for are

  1. Your brake light comes on your dashboard
  2. Your steering wheel starts vibrating or the car pulls left or right when you brake.
  3. Your car takes longer to stop than you are used to.
  4. When you brake there is a metallic grinding noise or a squealing or squeaking sound.
  5. The feeling on the brake pedal changes and it feels softer and spongier.
  6. You notice than you need to top up your brake fluid reservoir between services
  7. If you want to learn a bit more look up some of the following articles
    2. 5 SYMPTOMS
    3. The Brake Detective

Why choose Blue Bay Auto for Brake Repairs?

In evaluating where you take your car for a brake check here are 6 key reasons we believe you should consider Blue Bay Auto as your first stop for brake repairs and services.

  1. Our expert mechanics have many years’ experience in repairing brake systems on all car makes and models. We are an RMI approved workshop and when we check your brakes, we also look at the rest of your car.
  2. Our workshop is well equipped with specialized brake servicing equipment.
  3. We carry stock of the most common brake pads so that we can get your car back on the road again within 1 hour
  4. We only fit quality parts with SABS approval.
  5. We don’t skim your brake discs on your car as we believe the result is inferior.
  6. We offer excellent prices on top quality products! Call us to talk about our special offers. Our prices are the best in Port Elizabeth and we will beat any written quote.

If you are worried about your brakes, don’t delay and give us a call or get your car down to us for a free brake check. If you are going on a long journey, take a few minutes and visit us for free brake check for hours of peace of mind motoring. There is no obligation, this is a completely free service.

Brake pad replacement
Brake pads and disks

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