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Auto Electrical repairs

Alternators, starters, wiring, diagnostics, lighting problems

Auto Electrical Repairs

Blue Bay Auto offers a full auto electrical repair service. We employ fully qualified Auto Electricians with years of experience in the Auto Electrical field. 

We focus on conventional Auto Electrical work like re-wiring, starters, alternators, lights and charging problems as well as problems with the cars electronics and sensors. We have advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure that we can get to the source of any problem quickly and then resolve the issue. 

Our pricing is very competitive and our service and friendliness is something we place great emphasis on.


Modern cars are filled with sensors and complicated electronic circuitry that integrates auto electronics with the mechanical parts of the car as never before. These control the operation of the car as well as conventional electrical components of the car such as the starter, battery, alternator, lights and the wiring loom.

The role of the traditional mechanic is rapidly converging with the auto electrician as more and more aspects of a car is controlled by the high levels of electronic integration. For any serious mechanical workshop to be able to provide a meaningful service it must possess advanced auto electrical and diagnostic skills as well as invest heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment.

At Blue Bay Auto our mechanics are trained in automotive diagnostics and we have our own fully qualified auto electrician. This means that we can repair all starters and alternators, trace wiring faults, wire in spot-lights as well as fix troublesome door locks. We are also able to diagnostically scan all makes and models of car and trace all type of electronic faults.

As a car owner its very important to keep your cars wiring in excellent condition. One of the most common ways that cars end up in the scrap yard is poor quality auto electrical repairs. Here are some pointers.

  1. Don’t allow your car to be worked on by people who you haven’t checked out carefully.
  2. Get engine lights seen to promptly.
  3. Use top quality light bulbs.
  4.  Your battery keeps going flat.
  5. Your dashboard isn’t illuminating properly
  6.  Your car isn’t starting easily.
  7. Your lights dim when your car is idling.
  8. Windows wont go up or down easily
  9.  Here are some great background articles
    1.  electrical waning signs
    2.  Jump starting your car
    3. Know your cars electrical early warning system

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Auto electrical fuse box

Some of the most frequent auto electrical problems that we address

  1. Car not starting
  2. Battery going flat
  3. Starter not engaging properly.
  4. Flickering or dim headlights; this means the alternator is struggling to get the necessary power to the headlights.
  5. Car stalls; since the alternator powers the spark plugs that keep the engine alive, if your car stalls for no reason while running you should have the alternator looked at.
  6. Other electrical failures; if your power windows and locks, air conditioning or dashboard lights aren’t working correctly or working at all, the alternator could be the culprit because it supplies all of these electrical parts with power.
  7.  Fixing up previous bad wiring work that has damaged the cars wiring loom.
  8. Door or window switches stop working
  9. Electric locks stop working
  10. Spot light fitment
Auto electrical repairs

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