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Thank you for visiting our website. At Blue Bay Auto, our mission is to provide the very best vehicle Aircon service and repair experience in Port Elizabeth and to delight each and every customer. 

If your car is no longer making cold or if your aircon is not running at all, give us a call and let us assess what the problem is and quote you. The sooner you get the problem attended to the better.

Our range of Auto Aircon services and repairs

Auto aircon repairs and regas
auto aircon repairs

Blue Bay Auto has positioned itself to be able to repair or replace most of the specialized components of the modern air con system.

The cars air-conditioner is an essential part of most cars and when it goes wrong high degrees of discomfort are experience. Many fly by night back yard mechanics offer air con regas. Tempted by the low prices offered car owners cause major damage to their cars air conditioning system by introducing uncontrolled amounts of gas into an aircon system that has not be put under vacuum to draw out any residual moisture.

When modern aircon gas mixes with even minute amounts of moisture a very strong acid is formed and severe damage to the cars air conditioner is caused. This will cause compressor failure in most cases within 6 months. When the compressor fails in most instances the condenser and the expansion valve must be replaced as well as the entire system being flushed out.

This can cost more than R13000 for an average sized family car.

How to regas your cars air conditioner

In every instance where your car needs a regas there are several key issues to be addressed. Namely

  1. Where did the gas leak out? The leak must be found and fixed.
  2. The moisture must be removed from the system by drawing a deep vacuum for at least 2 hours and in some cases overnight.
  3. What exact amount of gas is required to fill the system. Overfilling is worse for your car than under filling.
  4. How much and of what grade refrigerant oil must be added to the system.

Next time you see a cheap air con regas ask the right questions or “goed koop sal duur koop wees”

If you are concerned about the functioning of your cars air conditioner, bring your car to us for a free check up.

Auto aircon repairs
auto aircon repairs

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